Experiences in our island kingdom

Welcome to Vannøy. Experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime.

We offer a year-round range of experiences on land and at sea. Here at 70 degrees north, you will experience getting close to nature and taking in the natural elements that surround us.

In the summer months, you can experience the beautiful islands bathed in the midnight sun. A boat trip around Nord-Fugløy, fishing or hiking on your own is a balm for the soul when the sun shines through the night.

“You sholuld not sleep away the summer night”…

In the winter months, we have great skiing terrain and majestic mountains to climb. The Northern lights are at their best out here, and you’ll be able to enjoy them in quiet and peaceful surroundings without light pollution from the city.

We’re happy to help you create memories to last a lifetime…

Activities - Halibut fishing
Whale watching
Whale watching

Boat trip to Nord-Fugløy

Join us on the mighty rocky island and nature reserve Nord-Fugløy.

It is home to one of Europe’s largest white-tailed eagle colonies, as well as large numbers of puffins, razorbills and auk birds. If we’re lucky, we’ll also encounter the seals that lives here. We also swing by Fugløykalven – one of the country’s most isolated lighthouse stations.

A midnight sun trip to Nord-Fugløy will warm your heart forever…

  • Duration approx. 3-4 hours
  • Put on warm underwear, warm shoes, hat and mittens. We’ll dress you up in a warm life suit.
  • Price: 2500 nok per pers. (min. 4 pers.)

Fishing trip with guide

Want to fish on one of the best fishing grounds in the world? We will take you out to try your fishing luck for cod, saithe, haddock, catfish and halibut. We head out in a Viknes 1030 – a study and comfortable fishing boat.

Back on land, you can fillet and prepare the fish and create a fish dinner of the finest ingredients.

“Fishing luck”

  • We will make the tour like you wish
  • Price on request

Tours on your own

Vannøya is a fantastic place to enjoy walks and experiences on your own. Local enthusiasts have worked in collaboration with the Ishavskystens friluftsråd to mark and prepare hiking trails on Vannøya. Here are some suggestions for some magical trips you won’t forget…


  • The coastal paths on Vannøya – Queen Sonja officially opened these in 2012, and you can follow them all the way between Vannavalen and Hamre (23 km in total, or 28 km if you go via Slettnes). The coastal paths also take you into the Skipsfjorden landscape conservation area.
  • To the top of Karlsøy – on Vannøya there are tours for everyone who enjoys walking the mountains – children, young and old, fit and beginners.
  • Here are maps of hiking destinations

Whale watching

When the herring arrive in the fall, the humpback whale and killer whale are never far away. The whale will give you an experience you’ll never forget! Sometimes it just lies calmly at sea level and breathes, it is curious and often comes to the boat to study you. At other times, it hunts diligently for herring and comes up from the sea, often 10 at a time, and eats herring with its enormous mouth.

We take you on a whale watching safari where you can experience these powerful animals up close.

  • Duration approx. 4-5 hours
  • Put on warm underwear, warm shoes, hat and mittens. We’ll dress you up in a warm life suit.
  • Price: 2500 nok per pers. (min.4 pers.)
Whale with pink sky


Snowshoeing on your own:

If you want to take a trip out into the winter wonderland to experience nature or the Northern lights, snowshoeing is a great way to do it. The snowshoes allow you to get out into the terrain easily and will give you an extra nice experience of the trip.

  • We provide tips on great tours tailored to you if you want
  • Price for snowshoe rental: 200 nok

Snowshoe tour with guide

  • Hike to a viewpoint where you can enjoy the Northern lights or spectacular views of Nord-Fugløy and Lyngen alps
  • duration approx. 3 hours
  • Price: 900 nok per pers.


Our fantastic sauna is located on a beach in Stuvika and from here you can enjoy views of the big sea, Nord-Fugløy and Arnøya. In winter you can ice bathe while the Northern Lights dance in the sky, and in summer you can enjoy the midnight sun.

  • The sauna has a relaxation area with seating and tables and can accommodate up to 15 people.
  • Price: 250 nok per person for 2 hours. Including towels.

Photo tour on Vannøya

A trip around our wild and beautiful island will give you many great nature experiences.

Vannøya is surrounded by sea and mountains with spectacular views towards Nord-Fugløy, Spenna and Arnøya to the east. The Lyng Alps provide a great view from Vannøya where they tower majestically.

Together with a guide, you’ll drive to different places on the island and see wildlife, wild nature and hear stories about the culture and life on Vannøya. The tour will be adapted to the weather and light, and can be done in both summer and winter. The Arctic light is stunning in all seasons.


  • Duration 3 hours
  • Price: 900 nok per pers.

Companies and groups

Does your company want to hold a course, kick-off or teambuilding in beautiful surroundings? A group of friends, a boat trip, a bachelor party or a birthday party with social activities?

We welcome you and will help tailor a package that suits you.

We can offer: accommodation, meals and activities.

Activities: boat trip to Nord-Fugløy for smaller groups, mountain hikes and walks, canoeing and SUP, skiing and snowshoeing, sauna with swimming from the beach.

We can help you tailor a program for your group.

*Price on request.



Our guide will take you to our mountains and peaks, where you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the lyngen alps and the sea on all sides, and fantastic skiing in untouched terrain. The mountains on Vannøya have everything you could wish for, from long, fine, smooth lines to steep and brutal mountainsides. We can tailor a toptour package for you or choose one of the options below.

    • Toptour package for 4-6 people: 4 days, 3 hikes, 3 nights.

    Includes: Accommodation in single room, guided toptour w/shuttle from – to the accommodation, all meals (breakfast, lunch/snack and dinner + dessert) and use of sauna.

    Price on request.

    *Transfer from Tromsø to Vannøya and back can be booked on request.

    • Day trip package:A guided toptour of 3-4 hours. Minimum 4 people.

    Price per person: 1200 nok

    Mountain ski tour with sea and mountain views
    your experience guide

    Vegard and Hilde

    We would like to guide you around our beautiful island.

    Where do I start?

    From the minute we were collected at the airport we were welcomed and made to feel at home. We had an evening flight arrival time and then a good drive to the ferry port which meant the local shop would have been closed but the host made sure the shop would open especially for us to get some good supplies for the self-catering house.

    The property was warm and cosy on arrival, beds were made and super comfy. It is situated on a quiet island with nothing around but local houses so I would be aware of that when you book. We loved being out of the hustle and bustle for a few days but If you aren’t visiting for skiing / hiking then Tromso is a free ferry away with eateries and pubs.

    Kate Ramsden