Come along on top tour in the mountains at Vannnøy, the spectacular view with the ocean on all sides and fantastic skiing in untouched snow. You can also bring your tour ski and we´ll go for a great ski tour in the beautiful nature of Vannøya.

Our mountains has everything you want, long slack lines or steep sides to ride.

To get the best tour we take a short talk and watch the weather report in the morning before deciding which mountain/tour we go for.

The day before it is possible to book an outdoor wooden fired tub by the sea.



3-4 timer

Remember to bring

Avalanche equipment (tranciever/shovel/probe). We have one avalanche package for rent.
Ski or snowboard
Clothes for skiing
Food and drinks


1-2 pers. 800 kr pr. person
3 pers.+ 650 kr pr. person

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