Whale safari

When the Herring arrives in the autumn the Humpback whale and the Killer whale is never far away. The whale will make this an adventure you´ll never forget, sometimes they just lay calm in the surface breathing, it often get a little curious and comes really close to the boat to study you. When hunting for Herring they swim in circles and comes up together, 3-10 whales, with their enormous mouth open. It happens that the whales just won’t to play or show of we like to think when it hits their big pectoral fins in the sea surface and in special occasions the whole animal jumps dry out of the ocean, a spectacular scene that just takes your breath away.

Join us on our whale safari and you will experience these mighty animals on close up, on our tour we are often alone with the whales and we don´t have to wait in line with other safari boats as may happen closer to the city. This makes our experience a little more special and you will for sure feel like you have come to their environment .




2,5-3,5 hours

Remember to bring

Good shoes, warm sweather, hat and gloves. Camera.

We dress you up with a warm floating suit.


Adult: 980 kr
Children: 750 kr

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