Here you can find information that you may need and want. If there is questions you can not find the answer on here, please mail us on post@vannoy.no and we will answer you as soon as possible.

The ambulance is located in Vannvåg.

The doctors office is open monday-wednesday in Vannvåg.

When visiting us you are most lightly spending time outside, therefor good clothes is important to get the best out of your visit.

Good shoes is a must either you are heading for the mountain, the sea or just for a walk.

We recommend you to bring good underwear and socks, wool is to prefer, and two pair if you got. A good warm sweather and a warm hat and gloves.

And there is always smart to have an wind/water resistant jacket and pants.

Then we can go out for some fun no matter what weather conditions 🙂



The grocery store closest to our locations is Joker Vannvåg, 13km from Stuvika and 15km from Vannavalen. Here you can get most of the things you need, the post office is located inside the store.

Fuel is available here 24hours.

On the vest side of the island you also find two different grocery stores, here they also got fuel, but only when the store is open.


From Tromsø:

There is daily buses daily bus for Hansnes and from here the ferry takes you to Vannøya where we can pick you up or you can take the bus all the way to our locations.

With rental car from the airport you take a right on the RV 862 over the bridge to Kvaløya, take the first right RV 863 to Hansnes ferry dock. Choose the file Vannøy, ferry takes 45min. Take right and follow the road towards Kristoffervalen, after 20km you are entering Stuvika and 23km you arrive Vannavalen.


Vannøya has alot to offer that we can help you find. We have beautiful marked tourist paths on all sides of the island, nice cycling, good hunting and fresh water fishing, a small escalator, cross-country piste with light, public swimming pool with sauna, and a museum to mention some activities.

The opportunities to have an active and fun stay on our island is definitely there when visiting us.