How to get here

From Tromsø:

There is daily buses daily bus for Hansnes and from here the ferry takes you to Vannøya where we can pick you up or you can take the bus all the way to our locations.

With rental car from the airport you take a right on the RV 862 over the bridge to Kvaløya, take the first right RV 863 to Hansnes ferry dock. Choose the file Vannøy, ferry takes 45min. Take right and follow the road towards Kristoffervalen, after 20km you are entering Stuvika and 23km you arrive Vannavalen.


Groceries, gas and post.

The grocery store closest to our locations is Joker Vannvåg, 13km from Stuvika and 15km from Vannavalen. Here you can get most of the things you need, the post office is located inside the store.

Fuel is available here 24hours.

On the vest side of the island you also find two different grocery stores, here they also got fuel, but only when the store is open.


Summer hiking

Walk the spectacular mountains or hike along the beautiful coastline on Vannøya with our local guide. On the island we have several opportunities with different terrain, high mountains with amazing view, spectacular clips that dives 600 meter straight down in the ocean, or flat terrain close to the ocean and the mountains with abundant birdlife.

We adjust the speed to the group, half way we take a longer brake and lunch.


Water sports

Would you like some action and feel a little adrenaline rush?

Try our different water sport activities, waterski, wakeboard and tube after our boat is a exciting experience where you adjust the speed limit. We can assure you to feel some butterflies in your stomach.

You can also rent our stand up paddle board for a more relaxing meditating tour or a good workout.



Come along on top tour in the mountains at Vannnøy, the spectacular view with the ocean on all sides and fantastic skiing in untouched snow. You can also bring your tour ski and we´ll go for a great ski tour in the beautiful nature of Vannøya.

Our mountains has everything you want, long slack lines or steep sides to ride.

To get the best tour we take a short talk and watch the weather report in the morning before deciding which mountain/tour we go for.

The day before it is possible to book an outdoor wooden fired tub by the sea.


Bird safari

Bird safari to Nord-Fugløy

Come along to the mighty clip island and nature park Nord-Fugløy, here one of the biggest colonies of Sea eagles in Europe lives and the island is one of the biggest bird mountains in Norway. Here are enormous amount of Puffin, Razorbill, Common Guillemot, Black Guillemot among others on this island which has an very powerful attraction on people. The island is 750 meter at its highest point and the mountains side is incredible steep, when approaching the enormous wall and you look up the mountain and at the sky you will see thousands of birds flying in and out and dive down to the sea for food. On this tour you can also see a couple of different seals and if we are lucky the Atlantic white sided dolphins or the small whale Harbour porpoise shows up. This is a nature adventure that is impossible to describe in words or pictures, this you need to see for yourself.


Whale safari

When the Herring arrives in the autumn the Humpback whale and the Killer whale is never far away. The whale will make this an adventure you´ll never forget, sometimes they just lay calm in the surface breathing, it often get a little curious and comes really close to the boat to study you. When hunting for Herring they swim in circles and comes up together, 3-10 whales, with their enormous mouth open. It happens that the whales just won’t to play or show of we like to think when it hits their big pectoral fins in the sea surface and in special occasions the whole animal jumps dry out of the ocean, a spectacular scene that just takes your breath away.

Join us on our whale safari and you will experience these mighty animals on close up, on our tour we are often alone with the whales and we don´t have to wait in line with other safari boats as may happen closer to the city. This makes our experience a little more special and you will for sure feel like you have come to their environment .



Nature and photo

Bring your camera onboard and we will take you around on an amazing nature and photo safari through straits, bays and small islands in our rough and raw skerries around Vannøya. Beautiful nature, birds and animals makes this tour perfect for photo, film and makes this an experience you for sure would like.


Aurora borealis

Come to the peaceful and quiet Vannøya and experience the nothern light. Here you can stay in our accomodation under the northern light without the light contammination from the city. We take you around our island to find the best spot for the light fenomenon, and give you small simple tips to get some nice photos. To experience the nether light in these surroundings and the silence is truly a moment you will remember.